Protection Plan

Discount Appliance's plus plan (also referred to as a service plan, extended service plan (ESP), extended service contract (ESC) or extended warranty) can provide you with product coverage above and beyond the terms and life of a manufacturer’s warranty. If your product fails, we are standing by ready to help you. Discount Appliance's Protection Plus protects against unexpected product failures and costly repairs or replacements and provide you with peace of mind.

Discount Appliance's is proud to offer our new updated Protection Plus Plan its benefits will be made available from the date of delivery pick-up of your new product . Purchase one of these protection plus plans with any purchase .Once you purchase a protection plan from us you'll be entitled to advantages such as : 

Food loss
If the Product covered by the Protection Plus Plan is a refrigerator or freezer, we will reimburse you for any perishable items only that are deemed unusable up to $200 as a result of the Product’s refrigeration system from date of delivery through the expiry of the protection plan period. All food loss claims must be confirmed with proof or purchase . Food loss added protection is limited to a cumulative maximum amount of over the entire protection period: $200.00 for a refrigerator,chest or upright freezer. Values of perished goods claims cannot exceed the value of the appliance purchased with the protection plan.

When you purchase a Protection Plus Plan and an Installation service on your original invoice, Discount appliances will allow up to $160 allowance for any installation expenses incurred by you when a valid repair claim results in the replacement of a built-in dishwasher or an (OTR). Our 3rd party installation experts are always available to provide all installation services you may need.

Our protection plus plans offers you a alternative solution if in the unlikely circumstance your unit is under service. Discount Appliance's reserves the right to offer loaner's this depends on the location of you the customer, product availability, and both the repair time and type , we will provide you with a loaner refrigerator/freezer while your current appliances are under service.

Discount appliance's allows you to cancel this plan and receive a full refund of the purchase price you paid for the protection plus plan, within 15 days of the purchase dated indicated on your receipt , by sending us an email or contacting one of online representatives here at Discount appliance's