GE 30" Electric Freestanding Stove JCB840DKWW

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  • 5.0 cu. ft capacity oven.
  • 29.87 W x 46.13 H x 26.25 D
  • HOT SURFACE INDICATOR LIGHTS: Heating Elements have a "hot surface" indicator light to let you know when the element is too hot to touch (it continues to work if the element has been turned off.)
  • ONE-PIECE UPSWEPT COOKTOP: The CleanDesign™ upswept cooktop eliminates crevices so dirt has nowhere to hide. Cleaning is fast and easy.
  • TRUE EUROPEAN CONVECTION: The European or "true" convection system that has a dedicated third dual loop heating element surrounding the convection fan, which provides even heating, even browning and superior baking.
  • SELF-CLEAN OVEN: A GE invention, the Self-Clean feature uses concentrated heat to remove baked-on splatters, eliminating the need for scrubbing or use of harsh chemicals.
  • DUAL-ELEMENT BAKE: Upper and lower elements produce even heat and great results.

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